Experts in well construction materials

With more than 30 years of experience Rotek is the largest and most skilled supplier to the drilling industry in Denmark.

We have developed and set some of the highest standards for environmentally safe products, for instance, Rotek is the only manufacturer in Denmark of VA-approved wellcasing joints as well as KIWA certified PE pipes for environmental water wells.

We have supplied numerous major construction and ground engineering projects in Scandinavia including the complete product range used for ground water lowering during construction of the Storebælt Bridge and the Øresund Bridge.

Plastics and metals processing specialists

Rotek has a modern, highly capable and versatile manufacturing facility, which includes 10+ CNC lathe and milling machines.

Our CNC machines are equipped with bores up to 360mm and +1200mm across bed making us able to handle very large subjects. Our production facility also includes a number of specialist machines, which can handle subjects up to Ø400mm and 6000mm length. The specialist machinery can handle almost all types of plastics and are designed to cutting thread, slotting, drilling holes, milling etc.

We manufacture and supply a complete range of product for the drilling, digging and civil engineering industry, specialising in water well drilling, geotechnical drilling, underground drainage and groundwater lowering.