KIWA certified environmental pipes and screens

Rotek’s uncoloured HDPE pipes and screens are manufactured conferring to EN12201 and KIWA certified according to KQ-56, which describes the demands for pipes and screens used for environmental wells.

A completely clean product containing nothing but carbon and hydrogen, they are your guarantee that no cross contamination happens and affects your water sample or the ground water.


Quality and certification controls

The KIWA certification of our environmental pipes includes 2 yearly audits of Rotek’s manufacturing facility and products. Amongst others, the following issues are checked:

  • The presence of certificates for each purchased batch of KIWA approved raw materials
  • That all raw materials used are approved by KIWA for production of the certified pipes
  • That all control reports are satisfactory – including a check that the marking of batch number and pipe number on each produced pipe are consecutive and traceable (raw material batch nr., time of production, size of product batch etc.) making them fully traceable
  • That all error reports regarding ovality, thread, slots etc. are satisfactory
  • That all product batches have been tested with a mandrel
  • That samples have been taken from each product batch
  • That there is no risk of contaminating the products with oil or other contaminants from the production area.
  • That the production area is clean and orderly
  • Samples of the produced pipes are taken to verify that they solely consist of carbon and hydrogen. These samples are tested in a KIWA accredited laboratory

Rotek manufactures all our environmental pipes and screens on fully automated robot equipment to ensure maximum uniformity and minimum risk of contamination from human contact during production.


Tight threaded joints

Rotek’s KIWA certified environmental pipes and screens have a custom designed thread to ensure a completely tight joint. The trapezoidal threads are equipped with a milled grove for the O-ring at the end of the male thread, and the female thread is conical with a sloped bottom. We supply standard o-rings which are not part of the KIWA certification. 

Rotek is continuously having our environmental pipes and joints tested in an accredited laboratory. The threaded joints are burst tested till +30 bars, i.e. they are exposed to an increasing internal water pressure at a temperature +80° C until the pipe or the joint bursts.

Additionally, the pipes and joints are tested to be completely tight at an external water pressure of 10 bars for 24 hours at +80° C. The high temperature is to stress the material and simulate long term testing. The pressure testing is in addition to (i.e. not part of) the KIWA certification which is solely based on the pipe and screen products themselves. 


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