RSC - VA Approved couplers for PVC casings and screens

The RSC is a unique system with double-socket couplers, ensuring a guaranteed tight seal of PVC casings and screens. The socket system is easy and quick to install, and the special locking strips prevent faulty installation.

The RSC system is developed by Rotek together with the Danish Well-Drillers Association, and it was VA-approved in 2016. After years of questioning whether the available PVC casing joints at the time were completely tight the Danish Well-Drillers Association formed a task force to solve the issue, and Rotek was invited to join. The RSC is the result of the work done by this task force and today RSC is the most utilised casing system for water wells in Denmark.

The RSC double socket couplers have a centre-stop, groove with O-ring, swelling sealing tape, and locking strip with a square profile. The RSC couplers are used with RSC casings and filters, which have machined grooves for the locking strip.

The RSC couplers are manufactured from EN1452 PVC-U pipes, and they have the Danish VA-approval.

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