Tanks and containers

A tank can have many shapes, such as round, square, open and closed. Rotek A/S supplies tanks, both in standard rotational molded solutions, and also supplies tanks and containers, as specially designed solutions in profile tubes or rolled sheets in PE and PP.  

Together with our customers and partners, we have designed and executed special tanks, storage tanks, DN tanks, aeration tanks and other special solutions adapted to existing constructions.  


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Tanks and containers for aquaculture


HDPE has become preferred material of choice for building RAS fish farming systems. Rotek offers both bespoke and standard components of PE for aquaculture, including tanks, valves, aeration systems, manifolds, filters, pipes and fittings.  

We are highly specialized in plastic processing and have an advanced and versatile machinery park, which among other things. Includes +10 CNC controlled lathes, cutters, welding equipment and custom-built machines.  

When developing and manufacturing components for aquaculture, we pay particular attention to the fact that the products must be flexible and with minimal welding and seamless joints, suitable for easy on-site installation and compatible with long-term applications in salt water.