CMT Multilevel system

Multilevel systems provide groundwater samples from multiple depth-discrete levels (ports) optimizing the amount of information obtained in a single monitoring hole.

The Solinst CMT® Multilevel System provides the simplicity and low cost of a bundle-type installation, with the benefits of backfilling or sealing around a single tube, with no joints. Monitor up to 7 discrete zones in the 1.7" (43 mm) System and 3 zones in the narrow 1.1" (28 mm) System. Reliable seals and sand packs can be placed using standard backfill methods, or using sand and bentonite cartridges in the 3-Channel System.

The CMT System uses continuous polyethylene multichannel tubing which is custom-built on site with screened intervals at desired sampling zones. In-field design flexibility allows the number of monitoring ports, port locations, and monitoring strategy to be finalized right on site.